Social Enterprise for Communities by Singha Park Thailand

By | 01/04/2016

Social Enterprise for Communities by Singha Park Thailand

Social Enterprise might be something new for Thai people. Cause of curiosity and understanding, according to interpret language adopted by Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO) noticed that “Social Enterprise Thailand is a social enterprise, a business or organization set up to solve the social and environmental problems that link the strengths of two parts which is the efficient management of private business, together with the determination to solve social problems for producing a solution that is innovative and sustainable.

Social Enterprise

Successful social enterprises

“Successful social enterprises offer higher levels of user satisfaction, often providing better and more personalised services without increasing cost. For example, Salvere, a social enterprise spun out of Birmingham city council, cuts through some of the red tape of assessment by offering a unique online matching service to link clients’ needs with available support. It offers the same service to clients with personalised budgets and assessed needs as well as those in the open market who choose to purchase additional help for themselves”.***

The most famous and Inspired is the Grameen Bank for the poor people of Bangladesh by the experience of how much can be achieved with lending a small amount of money, Prof. Yunus founded the Grameen Bank for the purpose of lending money (microcredits) to people who had no access to capital. Grameen is the Bengali word for “village” and therefore describes the very character of the social business philosophy – starting small. The Grameen Bank became a great success and enabled many people to get out of poverty. ***Source-grameencreativelab

Grameen Bank is a successful prototype of loans to low income people. And the founder “Muhammad Yunus” was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with Grameen Bank in years 2006.

Some Quote from Grameen Bank are “We are the Bank, not the Charity. Charity never helps to development the country” which means “we (Grameen Bank), a bank is not a charity. Charity never allow the nation to develop “. Source – Prof. Dr. Piriya Pholphirul ***

That means that Social enterprise or social affairs is more meaningful foundation or social business and unlike CSR clearly.

A social business does not reject the pursuit of profit, while also having no losses and self-important profits from the business will be brought benefits to society as a whole, private non-payment (For shareholders who invested the first know that this investment is for society. It does not take a profit from the investment. The investments into the stock to the shareholders will be eligible to receive back) or are referred to the nonprofit does not focus on the money. But the gains have some problems of society and build a happy society.

Social Enterprise

Successful social enterprise requires the best of both worlds – a mix of social ethos and entrepreneurial spirit. Can this be achieved in public sector spin-outs?

Social Enterprises and Social Business

Social Enterprises vs. Social Business – Source : Thaipat Institute ** **
‘Enterprises’ according to the dictionary means a difficult and complex risk of loss or bankruptcy of the term’ business ‘. Business means to engage in agriculture, industry, handicrafts, commerce, services, or other enterprises that trade, or means to work on a trade or business, other important and non- governmental.

Muhammad Yunus, founder of social business in Bangladesh has meaning 2 type of social business.

– Social Enterprise vs. Social Business – Source : Thaipat Institute**
‘Enterprise’ this word according to dictionary means a tough complexity or risk of loss, bankruptcy section, ‘Business’ means to engage in agriculture, industry, handicrafts, commerce and services or other trade enterprises, or means to work on a trade or other enterprises and major non-governmental “.

Muhammad Yunus, the founder of social business in Bangladesh has expanded the business for society
1. Type I, non-loss, non-dividend business is the company social work devoted to social problem solving and by investors who are ready to allocate all the profits from the operation in order to expand and improve their business to social advancement.
2. Type II social business is a profit-making company that is not owned by investors or the general public, but it is the poor or disadvantaged, as holders, whether directly or indirectly through earnings from operations to alleviate poverty, according to the purpose of the business community.

What is important to understand is that social enterprises and social business, non-profit organization that is not the purpose of gain (non-profit organization), a foundation or a charity that receives mainly come from donations, in order to carry out activities that is the public benefit.

Social enterprises” named by TSEO** said Social enterprise, as well as the need to have income from business activities and be able to feed itself, profit growth will be beneficial because of the growth of social enterprise will make the potential of social affairs, higher social utility management.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises Thailand

In Thailand an example of a successful social enterprise is the Singha Park a social enterprises started agricultural projects, do experimental research with many interesting plant species, to educate farmers in the community, built a career for locals who are unemployed, and that is a basic system of social enterprise must be serious. Provide appropriate solutions to the problems until the system can be self-supporting, the investments that support local residents, including agriculture in the surrounding area and nearby area for years.

Beside of doing experimental plots, making career along with  many kinds of plants such as mushrooms, passion fruits, roselle and Oolong tea, teaching the agricultural skills and productions, Singha Park also buy the products to make the circulation channel to tourists. Singha Park takes care of distribution and packaging design together with improves the park area to support the products of Singha Park – A Social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise Social Enterprise

Singha Park – A Social enterprises become one of the attractions place in Chiang Rai. The growth of social affairs in addition to creating a living, create jobs and generate income.It evolved into a comprehensive system to accommodate visitors who buy agricultural products and raw materials for food. The system becomes a complete circulation, from production, research, doing experimental plots, giving knowledge to farmers along with buying, being the contribution channel and also as tourist attractions.
Aside from the successful projects, Singha Park is also interested in experimental research and development of technology in planting interesting vegetable and fruits for markets. This year, they are doing the blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and Habanero pepper farms and all products will be released this month.

Singha Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise Social Enterprise ThailandSocial Enterprise Thailand

“A social enterprises is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being – this may include maximizing social impact rather than profits for external shareholders.” – wikipedia

Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise Singha Social Enterprise

Being a comprehensive system Social Enterprise like this, Singha Park started to begin the agricultural projects, doing the experimental plots in Boonrawd Farm for giving instruction to the farmers supports the career skills and abilities together with making career for the local residents. This system becomes the concrete basic system of Singha Park’s social enterprise because of solving the different kinds of problems until they are the suitable system and investment to support the local livings.

Social Enterprise Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Social Enterprise

Nowadays, we have Social Enterprise Bill to support social enterprise officially and I believe that Thailand will have many social enterprises in the future with the goal that more than benefits, but for the better quality of life; jobs, incomes and happiness.

Social Enterprise Thailand

Social Enterprise Thailand Singha Social Enterprise

The unique identity of Social enterprise Thailand is the consciousness of Thai people that want to make a good society and life-long happiness.
The social enterprise using profit to make smile and happiness of society is actually the great profit. – Geranun G.